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Case story of Shamim Babu & Md. Jafor

After having suffered imprisonment for 5 years and 8 months, two helpless prisoners, Shamim Babu and Md. Jafor were released on bail on 17.01.2017, on account of the representation by one of the panel lawyers of LAHP, Sharmin Jahan Shimu. The two accused were alleged to have committed offences mentioned in row 7(a) of the table under Section 19(1) of the Narcotics Control Act.

It is mentioned in the F.I.R., that, police had arrested the two accused based on information from its confidential source that, the said two accused were selling marijuana in front of Ganaktuli City Colony gate, which is within the jurisdiction of Hajaribagh Police Station. After having received the aforementioned information the police had obtained permission from its superior officials and went to the said place on 02.03.2011. After reaching the place where the two accused were allegedly selling marijuana, the police searched nine persons including the two accused before several witnesses at 7:35 pm and found 100 gm of marijuana. Of the said amount of marijuana recovered by police from the nine persons mentioned above, Shamim Babu allegedly had 12 gm and Md Jafor had 11 gm.

For 12 and 11 gm of marijuana Shamim Babu and Md. Jafor had to suffer imprisonment for 5 years and 8 months. LAHP, after having learnt about these two prisoners also came to know that the said two hapless persons did not even know how and from where the marijuana had been recovered by the police, let alone them being involved in dealing in the said narcotics items. As the two prisoners come from very poor families, neither they nor any of their family members had the means to apply for their bail.

Finally, on 10.02.2017, upon being assigned by LAHP Advocate Sharmin Jahan Shimu got Shamim Babu and Md. Jafor out on bail.