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Case story of Shamim Babu & Md. Jafor

Adv. Sharmin Jahan Shimu, one of the panel lawyers of Dhaka district of LAHP has bailed out two accused persons named Shamim Babu and Md. Jafor respectively on January 17, 2017. They were alleged under Section 19 0f (1) of 7 (Ka) under Narcotics Control Act 1990 with the Case no. Hazaribag 5(3)11. Under this section the number of total
acust wear 9 and acust Shamim Babu and Md Jafar were among them who had gone through imprisonment for 5 years 8 months. It has been mentioned in the general diary that at 7 pm the police came to know from a very secret source that, near the Bonkotoli city colony gate under Hazaribagh Thana, there were the two very acust were present to purchase and sale illegal narcotics, that is marijuana. On the basis of the news , and with the permission of
the higher authority in 02/03/2011 at 7.30 pm, the police present in that place and along with the witnessed arrested that 9 acust and started searching through and after that they discovered 100 puria (100 gm) marijuana. The police found 12 Puria (12gm) marijuana from Shamim Babu and 11 Puria (11gm) from Mohammad Jafor. It has been mentioned that the two accused was alleged for keeping illegal marijuana under Section 19 (1) of table 7 (Ka) of Narcotics Control Act 1990. Shamim Babu and Md. Jafor had suffered imprisonment for 5 years 8 months for
keeping 12(gm) and 11(gm) marijuana. Sharmin Jahan Shimu, Panel Lawyers of Dhaka Bar, came to know about them and discovered the detail about how and when they both have been falsely framed. They both were innocent and really don’t know how they victimized in this case. Due to financially insolvency, destitution and helplessness their family and relatives could not able to seek for justice. Eventually in last 10/02/2017 Sharmin Jahan Shimu, Panel Lawyers of Dhaka Bar Association Bailed both of them, Shamim Babu and Md. Jafor from such long   imprisonment.

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