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The motive is to contribute positives for the betterment of the society.

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Legal Assistance to Helpless Prisoners And Persons (LAHP) is a bureaucratic nonprofit and nonpolitical organization, which was established in the year 2009 with the philosophy is to provide aid to the Poor and Helpless prisoner’s in the Court of Law. This is to act as the contribution for the betterment of the society along with the National Legal Aid Program of the government. Effective access to justice is not available to the poor. Constitutional guarantees of human rights, freedom, equality, justice and the equal rule of law is available for the citizens and it is clearly mentioned in Article 27. Before law and equal protection of law to all citizens and person remain meaningless for vast majority of persons since they live below the poverty line and consequently have little...

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We only provide services for bailed out.

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We strive to take necessary actions in the justice system for assisting helpless prisoners and persons who strongly required financial support for proceeding further in order to secure their yearned justice.


In order to reduce the percentage of crimes in our society, we plan to educate helpless prisoners & the general public about the present updated laws in our judiciary regulating system.


We conduct workshops to discuss about the legal structures being updated with time and help the participants understand the factors that bring changes in the society.


To help publishing the accurate information, news, pictorials, magazine and documentaries by following the government rules and regulations.


To ensure social awareness and to take actions for the prevention of physical abuse on any helpless individual.


To help the general public understand the motive of the justice system and pay respect accordingly.

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Our attorneys are experienced and highly skilled in all aspects of discovery and trial work.

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Adv. Moniruzzaman Khan


Adv.Mohammad Abu Yousuf


Adv.Md. Fazlul Haque Salim


Adv. Md. Delwar Hussain


Adv. Md. Abdullah-Al-Shafique


Adv. Nasima Sultana


Adv. Mahfuza Sultana


Adv. Ajoy Bose


Adv.Moni Gunguly


Adv. Mohammad Zahirul Islam


Adv.Md.Rakib Hasan


Adv.Fazlur Rahman Khan


Adv. Najmun Nahar Mile


Adv.Sharmin Jahan Shimu


Adv.Md. Ashraful Islam Khan


Adv. Abdus Shuheb Ahmed


Adv. Md. Mahbubur Rahman


Adv. Tofauil


Adv. Khairul Basher


Adv. S.M.Kamrul Hasan (Ullash)


Adv. Arpan Paul


Adv. Tahamina Mujahid


Adv. Md. Majba Uddin


Adv. Md. Zahurul Islam


Adv.Mahmudul Hasan


Adv. Md. Shah Jalal Kibria


Adv.Md. Hamidul Islam Khan


Adv.Md. Abu Taleb Miah


Adv.Roksana Begum


Adv. Sayedul Hoque


Adv.Latifa Sultana Lucky


Adv. Mohammad Jakir Hossain


Adv. Beauty Sultana


Adv. Prabir Kumar Modak


Adv. Md. Shahidul Islam


Adv. Rabeya Begum Choudhury


Adv.Md. Motiur Rahman


Adv. Md. Ashfiqur Rahman


Adv. Md. Abul Basher


Adv.Mostaque Ahmed Sarker


Adv.Md. Zakir Hossain


Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman


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We work together to serve our clients what they need us and their experienced on highly skilled in all aspects of discovery and work.



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We provide the legal structure and advice to make certain that your company has the proper formation.

বিনা বিচারে কারাগারে ফারুকের ৩০ বছর ৩৭ বছর বয়সে ঢুকে বের হলেন ৬৭ বছরে

যুবক বয়সে কারাগারে গিয়ে বিনাবিচারে দীর্ঘ ৩০ বছর কারাভোগের পর বৃদ্ধ বয়সে মুক্ত হলেন ফারুক হোসেন। কোনো তদ্বিরকারক না থাকায় কারাদণ্ডের বিরুদ্ধে ৩০ বছরে কোনো আপিল করা হয়নি তার। এমনকি জেল কর্তৃপক্ষও হাইকোর্টে জেল আপিলটুকুও দায়ের করেননি ফারুকের জন্য। এ কারণে জেলকোড অনুসারে প্রায় ৪০ বছর (স্বাভাবিক বছর হিসেবে ৩০ বছর) স্ত্রী-সন্তানদের থেকে অনেক দূরে […]

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Case story of helpless Md Alamgir Hossain

The story of MD. Alamgir Hossain is the on 13.01.2009 based on secret information inspector MD. Mojibor Rahman with his special force went to Comilla Railway station waited till the Noakhali Mail Train Arrived at 3.50 a.m. The inspector was acting

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