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To help publishing the accurate information, news, pictorials, magazine and documentaries by following the government rules and regulations.

Human & Rights has been helping the seriously injured and surviving family members for more than 20 years.Our personal injur awyers are dedicated solely to representing people who have experienced a catastrophic injury of a family member.We take each case very seriously and defense counsel, along with the insurance company, takes us seriously.

Our Core Values

Unlike many other NGO’s, LAHP aims to contribute with a moral value and permanent result which may lead to a positive growth only. The values we hold, makes us different from the competitors:

Awarness will be created regarding human rights and government provided support specially for the ethnic communities.
We conduct workshops to discuss about the legal structures being updated with time and help the participants understand the factors that bring changes in the society.
We strive to take necessary actions in the justice system for assisting helpless prisoners & people who strongly required financial support for proceeding further in order to secure their yearned justice.
Our work has a meaning that propagates positive value to the other end along with all the necessary steps. We handle technology and also believe to inform the mass population through social media.


Legal Assistance To Helpless Prisoners and Persons (LAHP) has completed primary activities. At present we prepared to implement for this project. The applied NGO will provide legal support to helpless prisoners. We will conduct our project activities 64(Sixty four) district. Primarily we conduct 1536 cases.

Our lawyer fee is very high. Legal Assistance To helpless Prisoners And Persons (LAHP) is experienced organization to work with legal assistance. Legal Assistance To helpless Prisoners And Persons (LAHP) has vast experience and huge resource. We are able to operate any size of project. Big Lawyer circle attach with Legal Assistance To helpless Prisoners And Persons (LAHP). The lawyers are serving legal assistance without fee. The lawyer seems to be it’s a holy duty.