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Case Story of Kajol And Anik

On 15.09.16, Advocate Sharmin Jahan Shimu of LAHP got two helpless prisoners kajal and Anik released on bail in a hijacking case.

Jony (18), son of Yasin Kabiraj of Dakkhin Daniya, Kadamatali, was attacked by certain rivals of his, owing to a previous enmity. Pursuant to the said attack on Jony a case of dacoity was lodged accusing ten persons (hereinafter, the accused persons).

In the case it was alleged inter alia that, when Jony, after setting out for Shonir Akhra from his house at 11:40, reached Daniya graveyard, the accused persons had set upon him with iron rods and sticks. Afterwards, the attackers started stamping on Jony after he had fallen to the ground having been wounded and bloodied by the attack. It is alleged in the case that one Petu Sohel and Rasel Shikder (accused no. 1 and 2 respectively) had knived Jony and fled the scene of occurrence with Tk. 20,000/- that was in Jony’s pocket.

However, amongst the ten accused, the names of Kajol and Anik appear as accused no. 9 and 10. Furthermore, there is no overt act, whatsoever, attributed to these two accused persons.

Accused no. 9, i.e. Kajol, was arrested in front of Daniya graveyard at 10.30 pm. Kajol is a day labourer by profession and was returning home when he had been arrested. Prior to being arrested, however, he had no knowledge about the aforementioned attack.

Accused no. 10 Anik was also arrested in front of Daniya graveyard, when he was returning home from work. Furthermore, like Kajol, he also had no knowledge of the attack on Jony.
Due to their financial constraint they found that nobody was willing to help them.

After, languishing in jail for 2 years and 17 months LAHP came to their aid. LAHP through its lawyers was able to get these two unfortunate and helpless prisoners out on bail. Just because these two persons did not have the financial means to get proper representation, prison had snatched away from them 2 years and 17 months of their lives. Though, the times they have lost in prison cannot be given back to them by anyone but LAHP remains committed to free from prison innocent and helpless persons like Kajol and Anik, in order to give them their normal lives back.