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Case Story of Kajol And Anik

Kodomtoli situated on the south part of the map Daniya, Md. Khokon(60), son of Yaseen Kabiraj along with his son Johnny(18) had the enmity with these people from the past.

Since its inception on 15/09/16 LAHP the Dhaka Bar Panel lawyers Sharmin Jahan Shimu has helped and released on bail two of defenseless prisoners of the ten recorded. The reason for the attacks and hijacking attacks at the end of the case was filed. A total of 10 accused in the case as the charge was filed.

As it was mentioned in the complaint filed that at 11:40 am when Johnny (18) son of Md. Khokon, got out of the house heading towards Shonir Akhra. At around 12 noon Daniya cemeteries Kadamtali under way as Johnny proceeded, he was attacked and was hit by iron rods carried out by the group they held the enmity against his father. After that Johnny was stepped on with the motive to be more injured even after being already injured and was profusely bleeding.

As mentioned in the charge sheet, Sohail (18) and Rasel Sikder (18) with a knife, wounded Johnny fled away with all the money (20000 taka) he had in his pocket. Later, local people took Johnny’s  injured body to  Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Dhaka.

As it was mentioned, in the charge sheet there were 10 accused and among them accused no.9 named Kajol and accused no.10 named Anik has no specifically with proper attention allegation.

On the basis of  charge sheet  among the 10 accused, accused no.9 Kajol, who is basically a day laborer got arrested by police near from the Daniya cemeteries Kadamtali, when he was returning  from his day-to-day working place to home at 10:30 pm. Police also arrested accused no.10 Kajol, who is also a day laborer and returning from his working place to his home. Both of them  didn’t know anything about the fact of the case which they were alleged for.

Later they were sentenced for the allegation. But they were incapable of seeking justice due to their financially insolvency, destitution, helplessness and there was no one who can stand by them. For that reason they have to spend 2 years 17 days behind the prison bars. After that long term imprisonment, the panel lawyer of LAHP, Ms. Sharmin Jahan Shimu came to know about their situation and she was able to bail both of them out successfully.

Only because of the insolvency, destitution and helplessness two innocent people have lost 2 years 17 days from their lives just like that.. Though LAHP  can’t compensate those golden time of their life by any means hence other innocent and deprived lives like Kajol and Anik can be rescued from the darken nights spent in the prison cells and so help them able to lead a normal life . The aim of LAHP is to help improving the society and consequently represent the country in a better and standard form.

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