Our Executive Director



With the advent of the progressive procedure to take this country to a higher level and achieve recognition globally, I believe that it become quite difficult to put one’s actions into words for the reader to view the effigy. Bangladesh is stepping forward with the appearance of ever more resilient nation. It has been achieving significant development results while strengthening the governance. Seeking for peace, justice and capability for overcoming oppression, LAHP has started its journey. Such efforts must be appreciated in today’s world where we helplessly lose hope witnessing a human choosing over the Almighty to take another precious life, this leads to nothingness and heads towards a morbid reality where children turn towards brainwashed terrorists or choose drugs to experience the so called ‘entertainment’ or in proper words self destruction of no return.

All for the craving for power to take over oppression and the vicious cycle goes on. Inextricably linking the above example, the motive is to only


promote the organization and the opportunities with better quality of research methods implementation support and advices as required, for contributing in the pride for reputation and success. Bangladesh is also accelerating with the upbringing in the entertainment sector. Living the moments to the fullest is another choice of the youth.Let’s just all endeavour to ensure that the next phase will only help us heal our beautiful Bangladesh.



Executive Director , LAHP