Our project director



Legal Assistance To Helpless Prisoners And Persons (LAHP) is a timely initiative project, which has been so far funded by the Dutch-Bangla Bank, AB Bank, British American Tobacco Bangladesh, Bashundhara Group, It’s motive is to sniff and bail out the helpless prisoners or in other words the ones who are locked in with no sign of hope to get a lawyer for support, who got arrested with some sort of miss conception, who became a victim of any types of conspiracy those who are financially insolvent to continue the legal procedure , or may be more. It has been my pleasure to work under the supervision of the chairman and the board.

We strive through the tasks assigned to the Co-ordinators, Executives and the Panel lawyers in different districts all over the country as required. Without a doubt we only aim for building a better tomorrow with ever accelerating advancement of technology. We strictly maintain and archive all the data.


I look forward to the ongoing evolution of the LAHP site for it to contribute a participatory mechanism for various stakeholders in order to learn from or provide additional knowledge in return to make our journey more effective with new required strategies.

Nazia Nazmul

Project Director, LAHP