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Case story of helpless Md Faruk Hossain

On 01.01.1989, at 3 a.m whilst Azhar Ali was fast asleep at his home in Shah Shikender village, a couple of men armed with guns broke in to his house and gunned Azhar Ali down by shooting him in the chest. When the fo the house was being knocked down by these assailants, the two wives of Azhar Ali along with other dwellers of the house had woken up and the wives had identifield the armed assailants. These people were Moina , Jahir , Tohir , Terab Ali , Akol Ali and Hathkata Harun . However, the name Faruk Hossain was never mentioned by the two wives of Azhar Ali.

In spite of the above, a case in relation of the aforementioned incident was filed implicating Faruk Hossain under section 302/149 of the panel code, wherein, he was convicted and sentenced to suffer rigorous imprisonment for life along with a fine of Tk. 5000/- . Not having the adequate means to pay for his defense Faruk Hossain languished in jail for more than 29 years and no appeal was filed on his behalf. According to the jail code he was supposed to be in prison for 22 years and 6 months, which means his prison time had far exceeded the time he was supposed to undergo. At this point, a relative of Faruk Hossain having heard of an NGO called Legal Assistance to Helpless Prisoners and Persons (LAHP) approached the Chairman of the NGO Advocate Towfika Karim. The Honorable Chairman understanding the plight of Faruk Hossain and his family gave the case to one of LAHP’s lawyers practicing at the High Court Division LAHP through its best efforts in representing Faruk Hossain at the Hon’ble High Court Division able to get him bail. All this was done by Lahp pro bono. Due to the sincere efforts of LAHP, Faruk Hosain now, filled with hope after 29 years has a proper representation and stands a chance at presenting his case before the appellate courts.