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Case story of helpless Md Alamgir Hossain

The story of MD. Alamgir Hossain is the on 13.01.2009 based on secret information inspector MD. Mojibor Rahman with his special force went to Comilla Railway station waited till the Noakhali Mail Train Arrived at 3.50 a.m. The inspector was acting on the information that there were 2 persons on Coach no. 2203 namely Md. Monir Hossain and Md. Alamgir Hossain who were allegedly carrying bottles of Indian Phensidyle. The inspector led his men on to the coach to carry out a search on the said two persons, where upon he recovered 140 bottles of Phensidyle in two bags carried by Md. Monir Hossain and Form Alamgir Hossain 110 bottles of Phensidyle which was in systhetic bag being carried by him. All this articles were seized in front of witness and the two persons were arrested. Accordingly, an F.I.R was lodge against Md. Monir Hassain and Alamgir Hossain. Thereafter, upon charge sheet being submitted following an investigation by the police the learned Additional Session Judge, 2nd Court, Comilla farmed charge against Alamgir Hossain under section 19 (1) Table 3 (Kha) of the Narcotics Control Act. Since his arrest on 13.01.2009 till 19.01.2010 when he was granted bail Alamgir Hossain was in jail. Afterwards, a judgement and order of conviction and sentence for lifetime imprisonment a fine of Tk. 10,000/- was passed against Alamgir Hossain. Accordingly, Alamgir was arrested on 28.06.2012 and since then he was in jail for period of approximately 5 years and 5month before he was granted bail again on 13.11.2017.

His second bail, after a term in jail for more than 5 years, came about after he had approached Advocate Towfika Karim, the Chairman of Legal Assistance To Helpless Prisoners And Persons (LAHP) an NGO solely involved in providing legal aid to prisoners who cannot afford a representation, appointed one of its lawyers to represent Alamgir Hossain in the Hon’ble High Court Division pro bono. The LAHP after rigorous and earnest efforts was able to secure a bail for Alamgir Hossain. Now after a long five and a half years, despite not having the means to be represented by lawyers, Almagir Hossain is not out of jail due to the sincere, diligent and relentless endeavors of LAHP.