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Case story of helpless truck helper Suruj Miah

The case story of Suruj Miah is that, he worked as an assistant to truck drivers (helper) at Sharsha District, Jessore. He had been arrested on an illegal drugs case and had served 13 years before LAHP got him released on bail.

Suruj Miah as a truck driver driver’s helper was on a cargo laden truck heading towards its destination when the police of Dhanmondi Police Station stopped the truck and searched it for contraband items. After, searching it for some time the police found illegal drugs hidden inside the cargo in the truck. Suruj Miah was dumbfounded at this, as he had no knowledge of the drugs inside the cargo. However, the police arrested Suruj Miah and took him to Dhanmondi Police Station custody. Afterwards, Suruj Miah was charged with offences under the Special Powers Act by the police, whereupon the court convicted him and sent him to prison.

Suruj mIah had no knowledge of the illegal drugs recovered from the truck but as he was a helpless person of limited means, he received no representation in court.

Afterwards, LAHP came to know about Suruj Miah’s long incarceration and appointed one of its lawyers Advocate Muniruzzaman Khan to bail him out.

The 13 valuable years Suruj Miah has lost in prison was due to his helplessness which arose from his lack of financial ability to engage the services of a lawyer. All one can do now, is ruefully accept the fact that the lost 13 years of Suruj Miah’s life cannot be recovered. Significantly disadvantaged by the time lost, Suruj Miah now faces a grave challenge in relation to the forthcoming struggles of life.

While nothing can recompense the loss suffered by him, Suruj Miah found a quantum of solace when LAHP was able to get him out on bail. Also, now he does not have to suffer dejectedly the remainder of his life in jail. Furthermore, LAHP has also taken steps to rehabilitate Suruj Miah by way of counselling him and by trying to find a decent job for him.