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Case story of helpless truck helper Suruj Miah

Helplessly ,acquitted truck helper Suruz Miah had suffered imprisonment for 13 years.One of the panel lawyer of Legal Assistance To Helpless Prisoners And Person (LAHP) Adv Moniruzzaman has bailed out this helpless prisoner after 13 years imprisonment .
Fully loaded truck was going to destination. On the way Dhanmondi Thana police confined the truck and after that they investigated the truck. After investigation there were found drugs or drugs related products inside the truck and Dhanmondi Thana police arrested truck helper Suruj Miah.
After arresting him Dhanmondi thana police filed a case of special powers Act, 1970. And Honorable court sends him to the jail. Truck helper Suruj Miah don’t know how can found drugs in his truck. There was no person to stay his side. For helplessness he had suffered imprisonment for 13 years.
After 13 years imprisonment of Suruj Miah, the panel lawyer of the Legal Assistance To Helpless Prisoners and Persons (LAHP) came to know about the accused.
An ordinary but real helpless person have been lost his 13 years from his life for a false case. After losing an unusually long period of time how can a person live or survive?
After losing valuable 13 years, how can fight Suruj Miah against the reality of life? Can we repay those valuable moments which he could be used for the race of his life?
No, actually no one can
Though LAHP couldn’t return those 13 years of his life but LAHP has able to overcome from that false and fabricated allegation. By bailing him successfully the accuse set free from the allegation and could able to lead a normal life in the society. Not only that but also LAHP helped him by giving him the opportunity of employment.

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