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Seminar In Sylhet

On 5th April, 2016 Legal Assistance to Helpless Prisoners And Persons hosted a seminar in Sylhet featuring some prominent Judges and Magistrates from the district.

Judge Munir Ahmed Patwary has highly commended and called out to the authorities to extend their support to helpless prisoners. He has claimed by standing by them is a “social duty”., ” These prisoners do not even get to contract their loved ones, so the motive was to seek for them and help the prisoners find their loved ones”. He urged, on behalf of prisoners who were held in custody without there due legal support advice, which they are entitled to. ” It is a boon for us that LAHP is helping to serve thus purpose with their operations in Sylhet.”

“It is so wonderful that we have organizations lie LAHP  taking an initiative to help prisoners in need. But we also need support from people those who are working with law enforcement for justice to prevail”.

With the presidency of District Porishad Administrator of Sunamganj, and the Vice President of Lahp Enamul Karim, with management support from our team organized the seminar, featuring speechless from prominent guests such as: Metropolitan session Judge Muhammed Akber Hossain Mridha, Session Judge and Court’s Justice Fahmida Khatun, Deputy Director of National Legal Aid Service Organization; Rakibul Islam, Senior Jail Superintendent ; Sogir Miah. District Bar President ; AKM Samiul Alam and G.P of Sylhet Court Khademul Md. Jalal.