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Case study of Sheikh Mohammad @ Polash Miah

In 6 December, 2016 a feature was published. In the daily star under the headline “Mentally ill man languishes in Jail”. From that news headline a panel lawyer of Brahmanbaria came to know about sheikh Md. Polash Mia, who is a mentally ill person and has been framed for the riot happened in Nasirnagar Hindu area.

After that occurrence the team​ of  LAHP went to Nasirnagar, Brahmanbaria and find out that man, Sheikh Md. Polash Miah and did a case story on him.

After investigation we came to know that Polash Miah is a mentally ill and poor person. For his illness he always was captured in home. His father Ohid Miah is a 70 years old ill man and he earns his bread and butter by day laboring. There are six members in his family. As he is a day labour so it’s very hard for him to maintain his family and in this condition he can’t afford a lawyer for his son’s case. He borrowed some money from his relatives and that money has already in the initiate stage of the case and now nothing left to him. Basically he (Ohid Miah) even don’t know with his mentally ill son. What to do or where to go to solve the case or how to hire a lawyer for the case.

31 years old Polash Miah has been arrested on 7 October, 2016 from his home dathmondol. A facebook post related with an issue which goes against Islam and by centralizing it an occurrence took place in Nasirnagar, hindu area and in accordance with Polash Miah has framed for rioting in houses and temples and for that reason has been arrested and took him to the jail.

Mentally ill Polash Miah has been transferred to the Comilla Central Jail in 18 November, 2016 when his mental condition has degraded. There his treatment was done under the authorization of the Jail authority.

It has been mentioned in the general diary that, a boy named Rashraj Das (30) son of Jogonnatgh Das, Village- Horinber, Horipur Union, Thana- Nasignagar, District: Brahmanbaria has been posted in his facebook a mockery post relating “Kaba Sharif”. By centralizing this issue Ahle Sunnahtul Jamayet, Bangladeshi Islami Font and Gausia Jubo Songhoton and all the Muslim people of Nasirnagar Thana and the neighbouring thana Sorail and the other villages under these two thana, there took place an assembly near Nasirnagar College turning point and Nasirnagar High School Ground from 10:am to 2:30 pm. In every point of the assembly there gathered approximately 2500/3000 people. The occurrence basically happened during the assembly when everyone was busy in protesting the post of facebook, while doing so some disrestraine people came and start making nuisance over there, not only that but also they wrongfully entered into the temple and start destroying the idols which is contempt of religion as well as it hurts the feeling of religious. The losses of such destruction of idol are not less than fifty thousand (50000) and they also ravage the decoration and other equipments which cost thirty thousand taka (30000).

It is also mentioned in general diary that unrestrained people also tried to wrongfully and forcefully entered into the house of the server of the temple but when the police tried to restrain them they become more furious and burst into the police and started throwing stone, paddle and the piece of bricks and came with the sticks towards the police. After that police started to charge the sticks and threw rubber bullet and After 30 minutes of their attempt the police finally can controlled the aggrieved people.

Police has arrested so many people randomly from that crowd and framed them into this case and Sheikh Polash Miah was there in that list. As we have mentioned above he is a mentally ill man and he has no connection with this occurrence still he has been framed into this case. Not only that but also it has been mentioned in the police list that there have enough evidence against Polash Miah that he has direct involvement into that occurrence and if he came out in bail he might cause damage and a threat for the case.

But   for a mentally pure person like Polash Miah, it is impossible to involve in such a case. So after investigating and justifying about Polash Miah it has been cleared that he is a mentally disabled and a innocent person. And he is a real helpless and poor person.  After that by proving him innocent Adv. Mohammad Abu Yousuf, Panel Lawyer of Brahmanbaria district has bailed him out at 13/03/2017 that means after 4 months and 8 days of his arrest. Finally he has set free from the dark and horrific imprisonment.