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Case Story of Khandoker Enamul Haque @ Mitul

On 20.09.16 Khandakar Enamul Hoque alias Mitul a helpless prisoner got out on bail and saw the outside of the prison facility he was kept in for four years and two months, after he had been represented by one of the panel lawyers of LAHP.

Khandakar Enamul Hoque alias Mitul who hails from Kashiani of Gopalganj aged about 23 had been charged under section 4 of of Explosive Substances Act, 1908.

According to the the F.I.R., on 17.07.12, based on secret information police arrested Khandakar Enamul Hoque alias Mitul and also seized explosive substances from him. Moreover, Tk. 45,000/- had been recovered from his pocket. After he had been arrested in Mirpur, the police took him to Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Police Station, where a case was lodged being Case No. 27 of 17.07.12 under sections 3/4 and 6 of Explosive Substances Act, 1908 and 370/326 and 34 of the Penal Code.

In the F.I.R. it was further mentioned that after a lot of interrogation, the accused Khandakar Enamul Hoque alias Mitul confessed to taking money (i.e. tk. 45,000) for making explosives which was used for the purpose of killing the victim Ayesha Siddika. As per the F.I.R., the said explosive substances and the money had been seized before witnesses present at the place arrest and a seizer list was made. It was further stated that the accused had committed an offense under section 4 of the Explosive Substances Act, 1908 by keeping a mobile explosive in his possession.

That, later, a panel lawyer of LAHP Sharmin Jahan Shimu found out about the case of Khandakar Enamul Hoque alias Mitul. After making some enquiries it turned out that the accused had come to Dhaka from his village home with plans to go abroad and the money was for the travel agency that was assisting him with the intended travel. When he was on his way to Mirpur 12, police stopped him and an argument between him and the police ensued. As a result, police arrested him based on the aforesaid allegations which were completely false and concocted.

Khandakar Enamul Hoque told the lawyer from LAHP, that he had sold his last land at his village home in order to go abroad, therefore, now he has no means to engage the services of a lawyer. Furthermore, no one in the previous four years had helped him secure bail or get a proper representation.

Finally, after LAHP had come to know the suffering of Khandakar Enamul Hoque, it, through its panel lawyers, got the helpless prisoner out on bail after a long and hopeless incarceration of four years and two months.